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To date, qualifications from the formal education system – vocational education and training, higher education and general education – have been allocated to the DQR and thus also to the EQF. A complete overview of the qualifications already allocated can be found here.

Qualifications which cannot be found in this database have not yet been allocated to the DQR. Currently, this still concerns parts of state-regulated vocational further training and non-state-regulated continuing education. If you come across DQR allocations of qualifications on other websites or in publications that are not listed here, these are unauthorised allocations.

The input mask on this page facilitates your individual search. If you would like to know which level a certain qualification is allocated to, you can search it under “Qualification type” and/or “Qualification”. If you only want to know which qualifications are allocated to a certain level, then simply search via “DQR/EQF-level”.

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Search by DQR/EQF-level
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