Level 2

Level 2 describes the competences required for the professional fulfilment of basic requirements within a clearly and well-structured area of learning or work. Fulfilment of tasks takes place largely under supervision.


Professional competence


Be in possession of basic general knowledge and basic professional knowledge within a field of study or work.


Be in possession of basic cognitive and practical skills required to carry out tasks within a field of study or work and assess the outcomes of such tasks in accordance with pre-stipulated criteria and establish connections.


Personal competence

Social competence

Work within in a group.
Accept and offer general feedback and criticism.
Act and respond in both verbal and written communication in a manner appropriate to the situation.


Learn or work in familiar and stable contexts largely under
supervision and in a responsible manner.
Assess your own actions and the actions of others.
Use pre-stipulated learning guides and ask for advice on learning.