Level 3

Level 3 describes competences required for the autonomous fulfilment of technical requirements within field of study or field of occupational activity which remains clear whilst being openly structured in some areas.


Professional competence


Be in possession of extended general knowledge or extended professional knowledge within a field of study or one field of occupational activity.


Be in possession of a range of cognitive and practical skills for the planning and processing of technical tasks within a field of study or field of occupational activity.
Assess outcomes in accordance with largely pre-stipulated criteria, and perform simple learning transfers.


Personal competence

Social competence

Work within a group and occasionally provide support.
Contribute to the organisation of the learning or working environment, organise processes and ‑
present outcomes to the target group.


Learn or work autonomously and responsibly including within contexts which are less familiar.
Assess your own actions and the actions of others.
Ask for advice on learning and select various learning aids.