Level 5

Level 5 describes competences required for the autonomous planning and processing of wide-ranging technical tasks within a specialised field of study or field of occupational activity which is subject to change.


Professional competence


Be in possession of integrated professional knowledge within a field of study or integrated professional knowledge in a field of activity. This also includes in-depth, professional theoretical knowledge.
Be familiar with the scope and limitations field of study or field of occupational activity.


Be in possession of a very broad range of specialised cognitive and practical skills.
Plan work processes in a comprehensive manner and assess these subjects to the wide-ranging consideration of alternative actions and interactions with related areas. Perform extensive learning transfers.


Personal competence

Social competence

Plan and organise work processes in a cooperative manner, including within heterogeneous groups,
instruct others and provide detailed learning guidance.
Present complex facts across professional areas in a structured and targeted manner ‑
which is related to the target audience.
Take into account the interests and needs of the target audience in advance.


Reflect on and evaluate own learning and working objectives and also such objectives set by others, pursue in a self-directed manner and take responsibility for such objectives,
and adopt appropriate actions for the work processes in the team.