Level 8

Level 8 describes the competences required for obtaining research findings in a technical specialism or for the development of innovative solutions and processes in a field of occupational activity. The requirement structure is characterised by new and unclear problem situations.


Professional competence


Be in possession of comprehensive, specialised, systematic up-to-date knowledge in a research discipline and contribute to extending the knowledge within the specialist discipline (corresponding to level 3 [Doctorate level] of the Qualifications Framework for German Higher Education Qualifications) or be in possession of comprehensive occupational knowledge in a strategic and innovation-oriented field of occupational activity.
Be in possession of relevant knowledge at the interfaces to related areas.


Be in possession of comprehensively developed skills relating to the identification and solution of new problems in the areas of research, development or innovation within a specialised technical specialism (corresponding to level 3 [Doctorate level] of the Qualifications Framework for German Higher Education Qualifications)
or in a field of occupational activity.
Design, implement, manage, reflect on and assess innovative processes including in cross-activity areas.
Assess new ideas and procedures.


Personal competence

Social competence

Assume responsibility in leading groups or organisations in complex or interdisciplinary tasks‑
while activating the potential of these groups and organisations.
Encourage the professional development of others in a targeted and sustained manner.
Lead cross-specialism discussions and introduce innovative contributions to specialist discussions, including in international contexts.


Define objectives for new complex application or research-oriented tasks while reflecting on potential social, economic and cultural implications, select appropriate means, and develop new ideas and processes.

* This encompasses companies, administrative bodies and not-for-profit organisations.